It-leather is a company that supplies and sells high-quality genuine leather from trusted manufacturers in Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Turkey. We have extensive experience and hold leading positions in the market.


Some information about our company

The It-leather company has been on the market for over 5 years. We have won the trust of our regular customers, and we are also happy to provide a high level of service. We sell various leather wholesale and retail. Our prices are affordable, and the terms of cooperation are the most favorable. In our online store you can buy the following products: cow skin, sheep skin, goat skin, deer skin, pig skin, as well as exotic types of genuine leather — crocodile skin, snake, python, ostrich, iguana, stingray and other animals.

Why should you choose us?

The leather presented in our online store is suitable for a wide range of products. Here you can buy genuine leather wholesale and retail for sewing unique bags, souvenirs, shoes, clothes, as well as various leather goods. It should be keep in mind that all our products have a high level of quality, reliability and strength.

Clothing leather and suede

This is one of the most popular and frequently requested positions on our website. This type of material has its own characteristics and advantages. Clothing leather is made from various types of animals. The material can be processed in different ways, as well as go through various stages of finishing. In the main, such leather has the following characteristics: elasticity, softness, strength, high level of pliability, and it is thin up to 1 mm.

wholesale-genuine-leatherShoe and haberdashery leather

Such material is used to create the following products: men’s and women’s shoes, bags, wallets, various cases and covers for documents. This type of genuine leather includes a high level of strength and reliability. In addition, the shoe material is durable and allows you to realize various creative ideas.

In the field of shoe production, processed Cattle (cows) skins, goats skin, horses skin, pigs skin, and sheep skin are mainly used. For the manufacture of designer models, exotic raw materials are used (snake, ostrich, crocodile skin).

Shoe leather has two uses:

  •  For the upper part of the shoe: this leather is repeated processed and tested variously, which ultimately helps to obtain a very dense, but high quality and «breathable» material.
  •  As a lining for shoes: crust leather is used for this material, in the manufacture of which various methods of chrome tanning and staining are used.

A separate type of leather that is in great demand in our store is vegetable-tanned Crust leather in natural color without additional finishing. This type of leather is widely used for embossing, engraving, convex molding and further painting in the desired color for your creative ideas.

Belt leather

Leather for a belt has a different configuration: shoulder, side-leather, saddle-cloth. In the course of the production of the material, methods of chrome and vegetable tanning are used. Finished samples differ in color, processing method and type of finish. Genuine belt leather is used not only for sewing belts, but also for the manufacture of military ammunition, cases, bags, horse harnesses, collars for animals, harnesses, in a word, wherever it is necessary to use thick and dense leather with increased thickness. Products made from these raw materials are very strength, durable and reliable in operation.

Favorable terms for buying in wholesale

We provide perfect service, and we pay maximum attention to each client. What do we mean by fruitful cooperation? Purchase of quality products, their delivery, as well as a loyalty system for regular customers. Our team provides professional service, and also regularly pleases with profitable promotions and discounts.

Let’s talk about wholesale conditions

Please note that wholesale customers have huge advantages over regular customers. Indeed, for «wholesalers» we mean reduced prices and special, favorable conditions.

How to place an order and how is leather delivered?

Everything is very simple! All that is required of you is to choose the required product, its size and shade by ordering on the website or using the contacts indicated below. Then the managers of our online store contact you to clarify all the details. Please note that we pack the goods ordered by the client with high quality and carefully. Everything so that during transportation it does not lose its appearance.

Payment and delivery

Our store delivers to Europe and anywhere in the world through international transport companies. We will be able to calculate the cost of delivery after placing the order, where we will know the weight, dimensions of the parcel and the delivery address. After our manager confirms all the details of the order, we will send it after 100% prepayment for the order + delivery cost via Western Union, MoneyGram, bank details.

Do you have any questions about choosing a leather? We will help you make the right choice!

You can contact us by WhatsApp or Viber by phone +38 (098) 008-65-60 or write to us by email: admin@it-leather.com.ua

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